2009, with bassist Brian Thrall (the Dry Side                2009, with TV soap opera legend and jazz
Jazz Duo) at the grand opening of the new                   singer Jerry Douglas after playing in his band
Richland Public Library.                                                 for a benefit performance.

2008, Preston Winery: Diggin' in on my flattop         Some bossa nova at  Preston Winery (2008).
in the blazing late June sun.  It was 95°F!                  (Photo courtesy of Doug Rice)

2009: At the AVA Wine Studio, Kennewick, WA              2008: Lunchtime performance on the lawn at the
                     Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA

2009: A jam at Jack Jones' house with John Stowell.                     2009: Me, my wife Charlotte and
L-R: Lori Tyler, Jack Jones, me, John.                                              John Stowell.

2000:  Promo for the acoustic trio, The                     1995: Promo for the Sphinx Brothers Duo.
Sphinx Brothers - Dan Carson, Dale
Trusheim and Norm.

1996: The Sphinx Brothers on the deck at Bubba's             1976: Promo for Driftwood, a cover
Texas Burger Shack, Houston.  We played only the             band in Dunkirk, NY.  Top: Norm,
finest venues.                                                                             John Hart (bass).  Bottom: Al Dolce
                                                                                                     (drums), Tom Gestwicki (guitar).

1977: Driftwood at 3am following a five-hour New              1969: 14-year-old Norm with his new
Year's Eve gig.  Note all those Fender amps!                     guitar.  I had the same physique as an A-string!

1972: A high school senior dressed
as a greaser for a school talent show.